Smart Bid Manager 1.0

Smart Bid Manager 1.0: Monitor and optimize your Overture ( listings with Smart Bid Manager Smart Bid Manager is a must tool for Overture (former advertisers. Overture offers well-known pay-per-click advertisement program. Smart Bid Manager is a software tool which checks your bidding report automatically and warns you if your search term position has changed (for example because your competitor has overridden your bid). Smart Bid Manager will also warn you if your bid is not optimal (i.e., you`re paying more than necessary)

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Desktop Manager 1.00

Desktop Manager is a new product from the Elefun Multimedia Company. It is built into all the new versions of the Screensavers and Animated Wallpapers of the Elefun Multimedia Company. Desktop manager supports products’ navigation, settings, purchase and update. Desktop Manager supports the setting up of already installed products of the Elefun Multimedia Company, enables products’ navigation, setting up general options at discretion, ...

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Career Data Manager 4.0: Innovative, User Friendly, and Intuitive Career Data Manager
Career Data Manager 4.0

Career Data Manager is a complete, user-friendly, and intuitive Career Data Manager for everyday people wanting to manage everyday things. It could literally replace 15 different programs on your PC! It is a product for both families and single member households and can manage and track virtually every aspect of their career. Career Data Manager delivers the complete storage, retrieval, tracking, and management of personal and family data.

resume, education, career, goals, address book

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CVS Manager 2

CVS Manager provides a centralized view of the user activity and repository growth through intuitive graphs and charts. These graphs provide valuable insights to project manager or developers. With CVS Manager, you can answer critical questions about your repository, such as Is my project converging? How has my project progressed over time? What critical files had been added in the last few hours?

repository, versioning tool, cvs tools, code monitoring, checkout checkin user activity, commit, archiving tool, version tool, source code management, monitoring tools, pserver, source reports, cvs manager

Therapy Manager 1.5: Therapy Manager is you perfect therapy time scheduler.
Therapy Manager 1.5

Manager? Therapy Manager is you perfect therapy time scheduler. With Therapy Manager you can create time remainders for therapies you attain. It can be used to reminf you on your weight loss sessions, drugs therapy or anything else you can imagine. It`s also perfect for marking your doctor or therapist seances even months or years in future. With Therapy Manager you won`t miss another important date in your life. You don`t need to remember all those

sports, healthy living, losing weight, steadyhealth, time manager, nutrition, health, time scheduler, therapy manager, fitness, weight loss, drugs, diet

My Time Manager 1.0: Keep an active log of your daily tasks and view how your time was spent.
My Time Manager 1.0

Manager is ideal for keeping track of time spent on daily tasks for both the personal and professional user. Use it to better spend your time on the pc, as well as to track billable time with clients. Find out exactly where time goes while on the PC. With My Time Manager you can take notes as often as you like. My Time Manager also has a feature that will ask you what you are working on after specified intervals of time. My Time Manager will sit

time log, time spent, time keeper, time management, time manager, my time manager

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Work Manager 1.2

Manager, you can make sure that you wont forget or leave out any tasks no matter how important or unimportant they may be. Work Manager is designed to be incredibly user friendly. Everyone can benefit from this easy to use program which will stay in the background and help you each day. Work Manager will allow you to print each individual task so that you can put that task with your file. This allows you to synergise your physical and virtual desks

organize work, organise tasks, manage daily tasks, manage work

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